5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Gyms in 2016

With the rapid growth in the fitness industry, competition for gyms owners is a big problem today. But a good internet marketing plan can be proved as a good saver for them.

Here are a few internet marketing & promotion strategies to be followed in 2016

Get a Professional Website

Get a good domain and Professional website that is good in design and makes sure it's a mobile friendly website because 80% people search on smart phones these days. Your website should be one place solution for information about your gym and services. Upload latest pictures of your gym on your website and make it more live and keep it updated.


Get on top of Google

Get your website promoted in big search engines like Google. Hire a good SEO company to bring your website on top of Google search result. Also, add link / domain name of your gym website on your business card, flyers and other promotion material.



Do your best on Social Media

Don't forget to be on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Facebook is the primary tool of promotion for any business in 2016. Hire a good graphic designer to get 100% unique banners designed and run paid ad / sponsored post on Facebook and instagram.
Run ads in your local area, you may use "Promote your Local Business" as the objective of promotion available in Facebook Add Manager. Facebook and instagram adds uses common settings and budget because Facebook & instagram are owned by one company. These ads are not fake at all and provide turnkey results if setup is done professionally and correctly.


Get more Viewers

Make short (1 Min -2.5 Min) videos of your clients exercise or group classes and upload them on your gym's Youtube.com channel.YouTube videos are crawled by google very quickly and also if you share them on social media they can help in increasing the reach of your page and involvement of your clients.



Promote your business for FREE

Get your business registered with google business and other FREE classified websites. Google business is a very good source of organic business these days and free classifieds increases probability of more organic visitors to your website and leads. You never know from where you can get a client, so do the best you can and stay one step ahead from your competitors.


Internet marketing can be proved as the backbone of sales of your gym membership. Don't leave a single strategy written above, follow them all. These strategies are quite affordable and can give you better results than any other promotion activity. It is highly recommended to hire a professional company who expertise in web development and internet marketing.

You should also use gym management software to keep records of leads generated from above strategies and other sources. 13Designstreet is a professional and affordable IT Company that offers specialized solutions for gym and clubs including gym software, website deisgning and social media promotions.