Offline Vs Online Gym Software

Are you confused between choosing online gym management software or a offline working gym / club software? Firstly, let us define what is online gym software or offline software.

Online Gym Software:

The source code / files plus the database (accounting and client records) are kept on cloud server. Such software need internet connectivity to work and enables you to access your software from anywhere and even you will be able to manage your gym on move using your mobile or tablet device. Online gym software are designed and developed in web based languages and have more scope of updating and secured environment.

1) More secured platform
2) Works on move on your mobile and tablets
3) As many as users can use software on same time
4) Secured database
5) If your computer / device fails , it won't harm your data on software

1) If internet fails, software will stop working
2) Your data and content is shared with some server provider company which increase the risk of data sharing.

Offline Gym Software:

Software is installed on your local computer which is not connected to any other device or internet. Such software are limited to one computer and can be accessed by one user only at one time. Database of your clients and billing stays in your computer.

1) Highly secured database, no one can access your database from outer world .
2) No internet required , you can use your software 24/ 7

1) Mostly gyms use youtube or other video sites for background music, even lot of client share their pen-drives for music. Anyhow if your computer got infected with virus you may lose your data and hard work done. Which can lead to the ultimate never-ending problem?
2) Support service by gym management Software Company will be slow.
3) Single user at a time can access software
4) You cant work on move and need to have eye on software by your physical presence in the gym.