What is Easy Gym Software

Do you sell products or run an in-house cafe in your gym? Easy gym software gives you complete inventory and customer management solution. This is a web-based application that provides you storage for client workout plan, diet plan, and body measurements. It auto update you for membership renewal and payments.

Easy gym software is a complete client management web based application that allows you control your gym with biometric and make the tedious job easy by sending automatic SMS to your clients for membership renewals, payments and special days. It comes with lot many features like gym expenses, client workout plan, diet plan and body measurements. We also included some marketing tools like client references etc.
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Walking/inquiry follow-up software for gym 
Easy gym software is a leading provider of gym management software in India. This software allows you to store walking and inquiry data and gives you alert on exact follow-up date. This software also provides billing, client management, group classes and personal training management. 
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Client management software for gym
Easy gym software is a leading client management software in the fitness industry. Developed over years it provides you dashboard with client pending payments, membership renewals, birthday and anniversary alerts. 
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Billing software for gym fitness studios
Are you looking for billing software for gym or fitness studio business? Easy Gym Software helps you manage your business easily on move. The software is powered with features like billing, client management, renewals and payment alerts,  biometric access control, automatic sims and much more. 

Zumba dance, CrossFit group classes management software
Easy Gym Software is a customized gym and fitness studio management software in which you can have multiple packages listed and generate new bills quickly and easily. Our software powers your website with online booking system for class batch and much more. Easy Gym Software is all in one solution for your business.
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Gym & fitness studio management software
Easy gym software is leading and most dynamic & affordable management solution in fitness industry of India. We have developed this product over the years and with a guidance of 100 of gym owners who are our active clients. Easy Gym Software can prevent access to clients whose membership is expired and send SMS alerts for payments, birthday and much more.

You can store client workout plan, diet plan & body measurements and maintain client profile on one page. Easy gym software has many more features...
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Personal training management software 
Easy gym software is all in one management software for gyms and fitness studios and personal training management is one of its features. You can create packages, update trainers with a commission on sales. Generate bills easily and quickly. Our software keeps the record of gym and trainer commissions and also send auto alerts to a client for renewals via SMS.
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Club management software
Easy Gym Software is standalone and best in its class club management software that gives you reports and alerts for all planning and business management process. It makes your life easy and quick with one place alert for renewals, payment and special days. You can store gym expenses, client workout, diet and body measurements.

Fitness studio management software
Easy Gym Software is a complete management web based solutions for fitness studios. It allows you to manage your class batches, generate new clients and alerts them just before class via SMS. It also allows you to sell products and manage your followups to your new leads and walk-ins.
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