Club Management Software


The fitness industry has come a long way from small gyms with just a handful of machines to huge 5-star setups with investment in crores. In the antiquated times, the management also was in accordance with the investment made, but today to manage such a big set up has also become a task. For the same reason, technology was brought into the picture. Taking the administrative burden from manual management and redirecting it to automation.
With the flooding choices available in the market, how will the affluent’s decide which software satisfies there needs the most. Our technocrats have put their years of wisdom in creating a gym management software which is your all-in-one place for administrative chores leaving you ample liberty to raise your business by at least 30% and member retention by 25%.
Easy Gym Software with its 5 years of experience, is designed in a way to ease management thus leading to enhanced business profits.

club management software


  • Thousands paid monthly in form of salaries, but with constant errors and blunders because of lack of management
  • POOR client retention because of lack of communication and branding
  • Starting various classes and putting up a notification on notice board HOPING that the members see the notice and enrol
  • Miserable client conversion because of irregular of follow-up
  • Manual and Time-consuming procedure of notifications.


Conversion of a one-time user to an active loyal user using client management techniques pre-integrated in our club management software
1) Personalized Branded Application which keeps your gym on the mind of members 24/7.
2) Build a rock-solid relationship with the members, building a member experience to ensure them coming back to you.
3) A Push Message service just a click away. Inform your clients anything and everything using the push notification features available in club management software.
4) From the moment your member enters the gym, they feel the aura of perfection around them. Right from Biometric integration before they enter automated reminders of renewals, all is managed and automated.

Enhancing sales taking your business and profits higher:

1) Turnkey marketing tools making you stand out in the crowd of fitness clubs and your business rivals.
2) Leave a powerful impact on your FitFam, say you are planning to celebrate Christmas in your fitness club with this amazing idea of calling fitness athletes to motivate all your members, also you are hoping your existing customers to bring in a friend along, that is definitely a great business promotion idea. But the question remains that how to tell people about the event, Bulk SMS feature in Easy Gym Software, lets you instantly notify all your clients about the event, thus improving the chances of success.

Simplified Business Management:

1) Automated means of monitoring salary, attendance of employees, forming different group classes is as simple as a click of a button with a Club management software.
2) Managing multiple businesses is now possible with the POS feature we offer. Today when running a single business might not render enough profits a software which helps you manage multiple businesses together is a blessing in disguise.
3) A personalized diet plan, exercise routine for each client and automated notification to each member of your club management software is an attraction tool helping you add to your business.