Free Gym Software

Today getting anything for free almost feels like raining candies. Imagine getting up in the morning and seeing a live unicorn in your room trying to wake you up, exactly IMPOSSIBLE. Following the same trend expecting to get anything without paying for it is impossible. As a gym owner, you would understand the amount that needs to be invested to start up your fitness studio, making recurring expenses is definitely not on your mind. When it comes to choosing an ideal gym management software, first thought most people have is going for something which is either free or at a negligible price.

With the years of experience we have in the fitness industry and after going through more than half a dozen of softwares in the market, one thing we are sure of is free gym softwares are as good as having no software at all. You will still have to hire some MBA who will have to pay hefty salaries, neutralizing the cost you saved after buying a free of cost software. A free gym software though hard to find, still lack some essentials:

Some Free gym software features which might prove to be unhealthy for your business success are mentioned below.

There are bundles of software which are a fancy polished version of 'tally'. All this software does for you is make bills. Does gym management mean bill making alone, obviously not, there are plenty of areas you need to look into. But these softwares which are sold which the promise to handle all your administrative chores actually does nothing more than making bills. Same yourself from the hustle and say a big NO to these fake promotion softwares.

There are 2 types of software we have in the market these days, one is Cloud-Based and the other one is desktop-based software. Cloud-based software means software with unlimited storage space and a permanent warehouse for your data. On the contrary, a desktop or offline software means as soon as your windows crash, everything is GONE. All your data from your free software is completely gone into the trash. Be the wise affluent businessman you are, and make a wise investment rather than a constant recurring expense.

Investment in software not only means a monetary investment but also putting in all your data in something which a third party has complete access to. For those who are unaware, when you save abstracts in some software the merchant of your software has complete access to the data of your clients, which includes there contact numbers, name, address. Selling data without authorization is on a rise and considered a punishable offense. Yet, the number of data smugglers is on a constant rise. Don't fall into their trap, if someone is selling you a variant which usually is paid for, they definitely are gaining something from it. Selling your precious compilations is giving them more than how much you could have paid for a paid software.

A free gym management software might sound enchanting but it is necessary to see the dark reality behind the beautiful tag of FREE.