GST Software For Gym

GST is required to unite state economies and enhance overall monetary development of the country. Giving a short description of the highly feared term GST, it is a comprehensive indirect tax embedded on the manufacture, sale, and consumption of goods as well as services at the national level. For the gym industry as well GST came like a shocking change, for all the gym and fitness studios which make Rs.20 lakhs of aggregate turnover in a year (In Special Category States, Rs.10 lakhs aggregate turnover in a year) would have to obtain GST registration. Fitness centers and gyms having service tax registration would mandatorily have to complete GST migration.

Now, the question that arises is how to train your gym administrative staff on the usage of GST? How you, in turn, can use Goods and Service Tax as a source of monetary benefits? Okay before answering this question you need to understand that not everyone is capable of understanding the technical skills that GST requires, neither can each one us afford to hire high end chartered accountants for managing our day to day returns.

The solution to this problem is quite easy, you need an affordable, customizable and GST ready software. It is all you need to grow your business. An automated software which can easily levy this tax on all your sales, without having to incur any extra burden of financially educated administrative staff.

Gst Software For Gym and Fitness Industry means

  • Complete up-to-date bills for your customers, increasing their satisfaction
  • Complete record of each transaction, abolishing any chance of confusion
  • Working on discounts and management simultaneously, reducing your administrative hustle

GST ready software is not an easy find in Tsunami of softwares you need to be careful of which software has embedded the features where you can manage your bills and expenses in the modified ways of GST. Easy Gym Software is an easy to use software for your gym and fitness club equipped with the modular technological makeover also empowered with current taxation rules is all that you need to save all your time and become more and more successful. Some Things About GST You Should Be Aware of while dealing with Gyms and Fitness Studios are:

  • GST is one of the biggest indirect tax reforms in the country. GST is expected to bring together state economies and improve the overall economic growth of the nation.
  • GST Registration for Gyms- more than Rs.20 lakhs of aggregate turnover in a year, would have to obtain GST registration.
  • SAC Code 999723 is applicable to physical well-being services including health club & fitness center.
  • Gym fall under the category of 18%

Being GST ready is the only lawful way to stay away from being a tax defaulter. And what better than software which can take all such hustle and help you become the lawful and affluent businessman that you are.