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13DesignStreet, India brings you the most affordable, easy to use and 100% customized gym & club management software. Easy Gym Software is customized and built to fit business needs of the fitness industry. Easy Gym Software manages almost everything to keep your business managed and keep growing.

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Easy Gym Software

Simple to use | Affordable | Customizable


Generate invoices for the gym membership, group classes, personal training. Group membership is here now! Create invoices for couples, corporate or groups. We kept billing easy and quick in our gym software.

Walk-in Followup Alerts

Boost up your gym membership sales up to 30%. A timely follow-up to hot leads can increase your sales and our follow-up system enables you to create SMS campaigns & update your potential clients for latest offers & discounts.

online gym & club software

5 years of experience &
100% customized solution.

400+ Gyms & fitness studios
in 7 countries.

Client Management

Client retention and membership renewal is another challenge for fitness studios & clubs. Easy Gym Software keeps sending regular updates and greeting messages to keep your clients stick to you and also enables admin to upload workout plan, diet plan and body measurement of clients.

Automation with BioMetric

Our Easy Gym Software is powered with BioMetric automation. It automatically restricts entry of clients to your gym floor when their membership is expired. Also, it gives you live feed on your computer screen for the clients coming up and keep syncing attendance of clients with Easy Gym Software in the backend. We kept it simple & 100% automatic.

Features of Gym Software

Your partner for managing your gym & fitness club

Workout plan management

In Easy Gym Software you can create workout plans easily & quickly. With powerful tools create workout plan templates and re-use them for more than one client. Print, SMS and eMail workout plan to your clients. This makes easy gym software perfect for gyms and personal trainers.

Diet plan management

Easy Gym Software gives you easy to use and powerful diet plan management feature. Create easy diet plans and software will auto remind your clients just before mealtime. Email & print out your diet plans and manage your diet plan services easily.

Body measurements

In all new easy gym software, you and your trainers can add body measurements of your clients and software will help you to analyze the progress of your client. With detailed analysis, you can guide your client better and give them printout and email of body analysis report.


Barcode scanners are affordable & fastest way to mark attendance of your clients. Barcode scanner can be used for adding and billing supplement or other items that you sell in your gym or fitness studio. Barcode scanner is the robust and effective update in the new version of Easy gym software.


Get alerts for inquiry follow-up, pending payments, membership renewal, client birthday, marriage anniversary and absent clients.


Send quick SMS for payments, renewals or greetings. Also, create SMS campaigns for your potential clients.


Prevent access to gym floor if client membership is expired, sync attendance & get live feeds of clients coming.

Point Of Sale

POS enables you to sell eatables or any kind of products in your gym or fitness club. Auto manages inventory & products.

Client Management

Manage client profile, billing history, workout plan, diet plan, body measurements, referred clients and attendance.

Enquiry / Walkin

Boost up your sale with the timely follow-up to potential clients and manage their follow-up history and create campaigns.

Staff Management

Manage your business staff and their attendance. Keep the record of their documents, salaries and advance money paid.

Group Classes

Separate billing and management feature for group classes. The client can have multiple group classes signed up.

Personal Training

Keep the check on trainer commission and classes with specialized personal training management feature in software.


Maintain attendance logs of clients and employees. Sync attendance from biometric automatically.


Get reports for almost anything. Get reports in MS Excel file. Also get graphs & pie charts for better comparison.

Unlimited access

Manage with no limits! Unlimited packages, clients, and user logins. There is no limit on the amount of data you store.

Billing for Gym Membership

In this video, you learn to create new packages and new invoice for the gym membership.

Attendance management

Easy Gym Software allows you to mark the attendance of employees and clients in 3 ways. Know more in this video.


Easy gym software alerts you and helps you manage everything that is important and must for your business success.

Why Us?

Easy Gym Software is developed over the years with regular customization done by our team to make it fit for our client's business.

Key Points

  • Easy gym software is specially made for gyms, fitness studios & clubs, personal trainers and dieticians.
  • 5+ year of the experience in the fitness industry with over 400+ clients in 7 different countries and 150+ cities of India.
  • Specially designed for gyms in India.
  • Affordable AMC keeps you assure for new updates, customizations, technical support, training and data security.
  • State of art servers and backup assurance by 13DesignStreet.
  • Affordable & easy to use gym software which is customized for you to fit in your business needs.
  • Award-winning support by the experienced team of developers and client relationship managers.



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