Complete Guide To Best and Easy Gym Software

Complete Guide To Best and Easy Gym Software

As a gym owner, what is your biggest worry? Is it you not being able to manage the revenues in down season? or Is it the fear of malpractice you might become a victim to in case of your absence from the gym? Profits are the backbone of a successful business but if you constantly keep yourself preoccupied with managerial inefficiencies, when will you grow? If marking the attendance of gym member is sucking you dry of energy, when do you think you will be able to discover strategies which will help you grow, develop and earn profits. A software which comes equipped with all managerial and marketing techniques, with a solution to issues which a new gym entrepreneur might not have discovered yet. Today, if you are reading this, let me take you on an elaborative roller coaster where we discuss all your problems and find a solution to all of these.

What is Gym Management Software

Let's be honest here, even as an owner who is not exactly a techno-savvy, JUMPS when you hear the word "SOFTWARE". Then what exactly do you think could be the reason for more than 65% of gym owners choosing automatic gym management over manual working.

Let's take a practical situation I observed when I went in-to a gym who were not using a gym management software. Okay, so just know that I belong to India and live in a state people are crazy about gizmos, but to make them understand how investing in technology can help them in business!! never mind, so continuing I went in twice to enquire before I paid them. First, they never asked for my contact number or name, because of which they were never able to keep a tab on whether I was going to join or not. Now every day they ask me to write my name on a small notebook. Very honestly I find it very funny and at times irritating when you pay like USD 45 every month I don't expect a notebook way of marking attendance, also till the fifth day they didn't make a card for me, for those who do not know what a card is in medieval times fitness studios had this card like thing where they would manually write your body measurement changes, and workout schedules, clients would carry that 'card' everywhere they go to see what to do next (Lame). Again, I took a 3 months membership, neither the trainers nor the owner had an idea that my subscription was going to expire and it was time for renewal. Honestly, the gym was not bad neither trainers had any flaws, but it was just that I didn't feel that I was getting the value of money.

Now here is how a Gym Management Software would transform member experience:

When someone comes to the gym just to ask about a package, you ask for their contact details and call them now and then to remind them about their intentions to join your gym, send them SMS and Emails about offers, increasing retention and turn up ration during the down season.

Another drawback in case of non-availability of an automatic management system is over usage of membership. SOLUTION: An automatic Biometric system to mark the attendance of each client and also deny access to enter the premises as soon as the membership expires

Clients usually pay in installments and it becomes an head-ache to ask for the pending amount, with 'n' number of verbal reminders. A gym management software comes equipped with a feature of one week prior reminders in case of pending payments and renewals.

Benefits of Gym Management Software:

For a lay-man or a gym owner who has not been using a management system is ought to think of it as an expense and not an investment. But from my experience in the fitness industry from 6 years along with intensive research I have done before penning down this article, I was able to categorize the benefits of using an easy to use managerial tool to say goodbye to waiting clients and malpractices which you are subjected to.

For your business:

Retention : Client loyalty is the key to success.
Constant Contact with SMS
Branded Mobile Application
MalPractices : Managers altering bills.
Multiple user panel helps the owner to define the access that can be given to each employee.
Biometric Sync : Clients taking classes more than they have paid for.
Biometric Automatically denies access to clients with expired membership.
Quick Billing : Long cues at the reception desk?
3 types of uniquebilling panels for Gym membership, Personal Training, Group class, allows the user to make bills in just a few clicks
Target Setting : Which Employee is earning most for the gym?
Set targets for each of the trainers, keep a tab on who outperforms the rest.

For your gym clients:

Workout Plan : For clients coming at different hours
A gym management software lets you make individual workout plans for each member, giving them the importance they deserve

Diet Plan : Push Notifications Just before the meal time
A branded mobile application which alerts the members before they actually have to take the meal. Body Measurement

Exact Stats of the improvement :
A software which lets you record the change in client's body measurement, also give a trend analysis of the growth.


Checkpoint Before You Buy Any Gym Software

Moving ahead with my experience again, let's understand that what all qualities would be necessary while giving priority to "Member Experience".

1. Your clients enters the gym sees a gate access control installed not only on the entrance, but also outside the locker room. Unsaid way to show that his belongings are safe.
So first thing "Multiple Biometric Integration" within the same software.

2. There was a member you had long long back, but he did not renew his membership with you for some anonymous reason. Today, you are running this 'FESTIVE OFFER' and giving away some huge discounts, how are you going to inform people about it, newspaper adverts, facebook marketing to attract more clients... Obviously these are some very effective techniques to attract new clients. But what about you old members, how about attracting them all over again?
53% of people would come back to you, because they positively feel that your brand is still there. You need a system, where you can maintain the data of each member who once was your client, this way you can send a "BULK SMS" to all your expired members instigating them to come back to you.

3. Another case (valid for most of the gyms) You have a 20 hour working system, members have the leverage to come at whatever time they are comfortable, but you have two different trainers for different timings. Ms. Jones, who is a nurse has fluctuating shifts, 3 days she comes early in the morning and the other 3 days she prefers late evening shift. How will the trainers know what schedule is she following?
A system that lets you record the training and diet module of each client separately and gives a client based application where the client and trainer both can keep a tab on they weekly schedule is will a "GAME CHANGER"

4. Adamant clients not ready to pay you any tax? A cheat tool, where you can do both GST and Non-GST billing. Tired of constant "TAX ATTACK"? A gym management software system that helps you with both GST and Non GST billing under the same tab... A dream come true :P

5. Are you also a supplement believer? Do you also understand how important can good dietary supplements be for a seasonal bodybuilder? You ought to keep these dietary enhancers full time in the gym. If you are selling them these requirements, your Gym Management Software should be smart enough to make gym membership, PT and group class bills along with POS bills in the same software.

6. Isn't it weird to ask your clients to ask again and again for renewals and pending payments? Asking your Posh Clients that they need to pay to continue working out? Does this sound relatable? While Buying a gym software ensure that it has Automatic reminders of Renewals and Pending Payments in the form of an SMS. Taking away your pain, and harrasment your clients might feel with verbal reminders.


What If I Don't Adopt a Gym Software?

If you have reached till here don't be that person who Thinks!! Thinkssss and ignores. By now I am sure you have realized that how "member experience" can be transformed using a gym management software.
But let's just bring to light few points which a blessing in disguise for you "The Entrepreneur"

1. Fear Of Increased Admin Pressure:
Business development and growth is your dream, but the fear of increased admin pressure is restricting you to that "one big step".
Imagine you have like 100 clients now and spend around 2 hours a day struggling with paperwork, drowned in attendance sheet figuring out whose membership is going to expire. God!! Imagine your condition once you double your clients... STRESS!!!

2. Booking Enquiries Is a Mess:
Your potential clients are walking in they are asking you of services and never turning back, so is it not your responsibility to follow them back? Chase them till they actually join.. Obviously YES! Not using a smart gym management software will lead to you losing all these unsolicited leads... Thus "losing business"

3. Difficult to Manage Client Relations:
Let's say your main source of interaction is verbal conversations or may be say e-mails, but what about days you are not there in the gym or the fact that you are not available in the gym 24/7, also the fact that hardly any people read emails. So what is the solution? Lack of client interaction equals lower client retention, thus the biggest hurdle in your growth.
A Branded Mobile Application, with your own gym name is the perfect solution. Once a member downloads your app, they essentially carry it around with them every single day.Through push notification, you have the opportunity to send targeted messages to your members.

frustrated-businesman 4. You Don't Know Your Numbers:

Do you have the exact stats of
How many members do you have right this minute?
How many new sign ups do you get per month?
How many members do you lose each month?
What trainers generate the most revenue at your facility each month?
What classes generate the most attendances each month?

Think again, take the smart move now with a smart gym management software. In today's era of smart work rather than hard work management solution will be a blessing in disguise.


Honestly 5 years back we had 2 branches only and my life went by in pure managerial hussles. Someone from fitness industry met me during IIHF and suggested me to opt gym management software over manual management. Since this life changing decision my business has transformed, stating it figuratively, we have 8 branches today and I go for overseas tour like once a month with reports, and stats from each branch in cell phone.
Heaven 9
I can't imagine my life without an automatic system anymore, since the day I have chosen to go for a management software, I have ventured my business into fitness equipment and digital marketing. Gym Business is going strong with multiple branches and three times of the client base I had.
MR Gym

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