On-time Follow-up leads to more gym sales!

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On-time follow up is key to the conversion of a query or walk-in into your client in gym life-cycle. Every query has a different approach and every query is equally important. Calling back to your query on the requested date and required time sounds more professional and also helps you to convince them. When you have old follow up history of that particular lead/query, calling them back and locking up the deal becomes easier.

You can get this work done through Microsoft excel and maintain follow-up history. But that's not that secure because follow-up can be changed later and it won't give you alert to follow-up, you have to manually find and call which is time taking. Getting your gym management with gym software is a professional approach which will save your time and efforts.

Just following your query or walk-in is not enough. You have to keep following your live clients in a gym for a number of reasons and keep them with you to increase your renewal rate of membership in the gym/club.

Following up for renewal of gym membership, pending payments for previous bills, and calling for birthday and marriage anniversary is very important. How about following your client if they are absent for a long time? It can really make them feel being cared for.

Gym management software can really help you with that. Almost every customer management software will offer you this feature. Easy and affordable gym management software of 13DesignStreet gives you great feature of alerts on dashboard for all you need to do today! You can send SMS & Emails to your clients in one click.

As experts said that following up for renewal 2 weeks before the expiry of gym membership and giving them a great deal on renewal if done before time can increase the renewal rate up to 45%. So increase your renewal rate and call up a gym software development company today! And get your FREE trial.

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