Bar graphs & pie charts: More than just juggling with numbers


Bar graphs & pie charts: More than just juggling with numbers

No! not anymore… You don’t need to juggle up with numbers and boring MS excel sheets anymore. Whether to see total sales or compare sales of employees…. Your gym management software can do all this on one click.

13DesignStreet brings a new update to gym management software that enables you to see live graphs for query, billing, and subscriptions. These new generation graphs and pie charts make it easy for you to compare sales for a defined period of time and also compare the working / progress of employees.

What this new update consist:

1) Employee sales report graph: View and compare sales of employees for a defined period of time. Graphs visualize real progress on just one click.

2) Employee query report: This powerful graph gives you a brief overview of queries being followed by your employees. You can filter pending, closed and converted queries.

3) Subscription comparison: Want to know which subscription is hot selling? This graph reveals the true story for a defined period of time.. So never forget to have a view on this pie chart before making the next marketing plan.

4) Revenue chart & Sales by the employee’s pie chart: As the name suggests a comparison of sales by employees is very important. There should be a sense of competition in your organization. This chart tells you actual sales and what is the contribution of each employee in that sale. So never forget to praise your team and motivate them to increase sales.

Why graphs & pie charts important for your gym management?

Graphs and pie charts are essential for final reporting because they visualize and display information in comprehend the manner to the management team. Graphs are easy to understand and give a clear view of progress or decline. Now you can see which is your most selling package? And which subscription package needs to be promoted more. Thus it helps in setting up a promotion plan for the gym.

Pie charts represent subcategories by breaking components into slices. In our gym software pie charts gives you an exact picture of employee contribution in total sales of the gym. Pie charts are very interesting ways of reporting. Represent these reports in front of your boss rather than boring MS excel reports.

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