Easy Gym Software with Biometric Access Control

Gym software with access controller

Gym Software is a management solution for gyms & health clubs. Gym Software specializes in responsibly and intelligently managing the entire lifecycle starting from follow-up of query/walk-in to managing clients that help in increase renewal rate through providing the best possible alerts and reports to you in the form of MS Excel sheets & graphs. Gym software helps in building better relations with your gym clients by automatic wishes on birthday & marriage anniversary and making them remember about their diet, workout plan and Zumba class on time.

These days, mostly gym software is equipped with biometric devices, also known as an access controller. As the name suggests it controls access of clients to your gym depending upon pending payments & membership time. Also, Access controller feeds attendance (in-time) of the client into the software, so you can always have a report on the client's attendance.

Gym software prevents the gap between follow-ups by your employees. Easy Gym software constantly keeps updating your team for the follow-up to clients for payments, renewals, complaints and feedback on the day to day services. It is seen that regular follow-up with clients makes them feel being cared by you, thus it helps you to increase the renewal rate of your gym membership. 

Rated No.1 Gym software of India with access controller makes your gym automatic and prevents access to gym services & equipment to non-gym members or clients who have not paid you on time for renewal. You can rely on such gym software fully as your gym is secured from unauthorized use. 

An access controller can be used by finger-print (Thumb impression) or plastic cards. Both ways are successful and secured. It is very important to keep checking on the attendance of clients and follow-up with absent clients is a must in this competitive industry. 

Adopt gym software with access controlled today! And make your gym management lifecycle more intelligent and easy.

Easy Gym Software is adopted by hundred of gym / fitness studio owners worldwide! Easy Gym Software is tailor made management solution for small to large scale gym / fitness studios.
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