Gym & Fitness Studio Management Software

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Gym & Fitness Studio Management Software

Easy Gym Software: An easy, powerful and affordable club management software

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Easy gym software for gyms, fitness studios, clubs, sports academy, indoor stadiums.

Simplify your business management with Easy Gym Software.

Our software is feature packed easy to use and affordable gym software. It gives you a versatile platform which is developed for all types of business models like group classes studios, gyms, boot camps, CrossFit, personal trainers, sports academy or fitness clubs & studios. We can customize our product to for your business needs.  Easy Gym Software provides all management tools to run your gym & fitness studio business smoothly and efficiently, that save your manpower and money.

Online Payment Gateways

Generate bills and get paid via clients debit/credit card or via mobile wallets. Our company specializes in integrating a payment gateway.

Class Scheduling

Let your clients schedule group classes via your website quickly from the branded white-labeled mobile app of your gym/fitness studio name.

Product Management

Selling some products in your gym or fitness studio? In Easy Gym Software you can add/edit/manage products inventory and create quick invoices for your products. 

SMS Campaigns

Create SMS campaigns and send a special offer to your potential clients or send gym/fitness studio updates to active clients.

Digital Waivers

Create online waivers and other health forms & capture your member’s signature with a simple

mouse grab or finger touch.

Powerful Automation

Automatic SMS to clients for the birthday, anniversary, pending payments and membership renewal. Automatically prevent access of clients whose membership is expired and automatic sync of attendance between biometric and easy gym software.

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Easy Gym Software is adopted by hundred of gym / fitness studio owners worldwide! Easy Gym Software is tailor made management solution for small to large scale gym / fitness studios.
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