Say goodbye to excel files and choose Easy Gym Software

Why to move from MS Excel to Software

Say goodbye to excel files and choose Easy Gym Software

Many business owners are happy and satisfied with keeping records of query and clients in excel sheets as they got use to it. MS Excel is a great tool for storing values and retrieving them. But there is lot more then you need to manage your business.

Few things that cannot be performed by MS excel:

1) Billing

2) Client/ customer management

3) Follow-up alerts of query

4) Alerts for pending payment and membership renewals.

5) Biometric control

6) Branded mobile app

7) Multiple branches management

8) Quick reports & graph analysis

There are a lot of other things that cannot be performed by excel but a software solution provides you a better option of managing your work and employees. The software keeps a log of changes done and data uploaded by time and date which cannot be modified without higher authority permissions and retrieving data from excel can be a big hustle when data is from thousands of rows and excel will never give you alert for any work.

Rather software keeps your data more private & safe and it also limits access to data to your employees. The software can do a lot more then excel and if you choose your software wisely it can help you relief from many tensions and make your life easy. For instance, in a gym or real estate business follow-up is the main marketing tool, so if your software gives you alert for follow-up and keeps a record of previous call history it can boost up sales in the business cycle.

Today, the software is not limited to one computer, web-based applications enable you to check to work and retrieve data from any corner of the globe and even integrated with SMS and access controller devices. So to make your life easy to start using software rather than MS Excel. Getting alerts for follow-up can help you boost up your sales also.

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