Top 15 requirements of a gym that should be in a Gym Software

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Gym Management Software: It is an application that automates your gym business. Now gym management involves a lot of administrative work that needs to be managed in an efficient manner. In order to run the business in a flow without having any troubles in billing, retail management, membership schedule etc you need to own gym software.

Gym management software enables you to perform your daily task in an automated way. The biggest advantage of gym software is that you no more need to carry any pen or paper. It let you do all the job and free your mind from all the work. You can concentrate on another important job that requires your attention.

For a long run gym management software is highly beneficial for your business. In this article, I will share some amazing features that your gym software requires. I recommend you to go for customized software that fulfills your business needs.


Gym Management Software Requirements (Features)


#1 Easy to Access Client Management

Your gym software should be based on your clients and their requirements. Keeping your clients in mind that let you take an important decision regarding what gym software you should purchase. The software should contain features like adding client diet plan, upload workout plan, easy attendance system, proper information about the growth of your client.


#2 Highly Efficient Dashboard

The dashboard contains the proper structure of your software. It should be streamlined enough that any layman can use it efficiently and properly. It should make in such a manner that it is modernized and user-friendly at the same time. The dashboard contains information like billing, membership information, alerts (birthday, anniversary etc of your clients), and details about the trainers etc.


#3 Easy and Automated Billing System

Gym management software has this important feature that you can generate invoices and membership bills of your clients automatically. There should not be any hustle in generating bills automatically. In this, you don’t need to remember due to payments, expired membership detail etc in your mind. It let you paid efficiently and also helps to improve customer services.


#4 Easy Online Engagement with your Website

Your software should compatible enough with your website that you can easily access and link it to your website. It let online sales portal allows whosoever interested in your business can sign up easily.

Then you can generate ongoing offers of the gym on your website and your clients will able to know it easily.      


#5 Real-Time Easy Reporting System

If you want your business get better than you need to generate proper reports about your clients, trainers, sales, losses, progress, growth of your business etc through your gym software management. It should compare all these information monthly, quarterly, semester wise or yearly. It presents you the information in an excel sheet or pdf form. It totally depends on your requirements.


#6 Easy to Use Point of Sale

POS or point of sale is a new thing in the market. Now, this enables you and your business to sell edible, supplements and other things of your gym automatically. It easily generates information regarding inventories and invoices.


#7 Scalable and Accessible Across the World

The gym software management should be customizable which means you can add or delete features according to your requirement. Your software should contain in-app admin feature which let admin operate and manage the software anywhere and anytime. You just need to open the software on your mobile and enter other login information and you are good to go.


#8 Attendance, Alerts and Text Management

These things can make or break your business game. If you don’t have automated feature to take attendance then your software is worthless. A good software should take attendance using biometric installed in your gym. Your software should be smart enough that it automatically send greetings or text to your clients and employees without the involvement of your precious time. It generates pending or due payments to your clients and also gives you alert regarding your employees due to salary and other important stuff.


#9 Client Profile Management and Diet Plan

This software keep track of each and every client that enrolls in your gym. It helps to manage the performance of your client and about his/her diet. It shows you that how your client has been performing and whether he/she is getting any result or not. This enables you to easily communicate with them and improve their inputs. The client can easily schedule their diet plan from your website.


#10 Group Classes and Personal Training Management

The gym management software separates billing and management feature for group classes and personal training. It keeps on eye on trainer’s commission, your client can sign up for other group classes. In this way, your business can boost up by 20%-30%.


#11 Unlimited Access

It gives you the facility to access your software with no limits anywhere and anytime. You can add packages, clients and user logins at any number of times without any limitation. Your data and database will be properly managed by the software with the fear of losing some important content.


#12 Inbuilt Payroll and Incentive System

The software has the feature to automatically generate payrolls and incentives for your employees without any bustle.


#13 Customer Support

If you encounter any problem in regards to software then your company should provide the feature of customer support. In this way, you can trust your software. It builds goodwill of your in the market and user can call and feel free to talk about his/her queries.


#14 Always Ask for Demo

You should always ask for demo software before actually purchasing it. In this way, you will have a better idea of what you are going to purchase. Companies need to train you after you buy their product as long as you will completely understand the software. You can check our company’s DEMO here.


#15 Affordable and User-Friendly

Affordability should be kept in mind. Your software should not be too expensive or too cheap. The interface should be according to the user understanding. It should not contain technical things which a layman cannot understand.


In Conclusion

The “ gym management software ” can boost your business up to 30 % and make you earn profits. There is a high requirement of automation for the paperless economy. The software that our company 13designstreet provides contains all these features and much more. Give a look to our DEMO then decide.

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