Key points to check before you signup for Gym Software

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Key points to check before you signup for Gym Software

Are you looking for a software to manage your health club or gym then let us introduce the easiest gym management software ever.

This software could be a one-stop center for your gym or club which is most affordable, easy to use, mobile friendly, completely customized and specially designed to fit your gym or club. Here’s how it can serve you better...let’s have your attention with us…

What it can manage?

The easy gym software can manage your walk-ins or queries in your gym or club very easily. Now you can efficiently manage your client’s diet and work out plans along with their body measurements and PAR-Q levels. Further, you can easily generate membership invoices through this easy gym software in no time. It becomes effortless for your team to manage bills of your client’s whether for personal training or for group classes like Zumba, dance or yoga. You can also have your client’s billing history in your hands within the fraction of seconds through just one click.

Also, you don’t need to worry about managing client’s feedback or complaints because now you have easy gym software with you. Recording and maintaining daily expenses of your club or gym also become very easy for you likewise recording and maintaining client’s attendance additionally with your trainers and employees management report.

Get alerts and updates

The easy gym software gives you quick alerts and updates for your follow up queries and walk-ins in your gym or club. It gives you well-timed reminders for your client’s payments, their membership renewals, renewal reminder for PT, their special days like birthdays and marriage anniversaries along with their reminder of group classes also. Now you can have quick updates about complaints and feedback of your clients including the updates of your absent clients also.

Appoint our easy gym software and pick up quick notifications 15 days prior to the expiry of client’s membership & pending payments, 3 days prior to birthday and marriage anniversary and 2 days prior to query and walk-in follow-ups.

Reports and Graphs

Our Easy Gym Software delivers you the reports for almost and everything. It may include live clients report, client’s billing report, queries report, employee’s attendance report, client’s attendance report, employee billing report, membership renewal report, employee’s salary report, trainer’s salary report, personal training billing report, gym expenses report, PT trainer’s report, sales commission report and much more.

Now you can have a graphical view of your reports so that you can easily compare the graphs and can better plan for your gym.


Easy Gym Software is adopted by hundred of gym / fitness studio owners worldwide! Easy Gym Software is tailor made management solution for small to large scale gym / fitness studios.
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