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fitness trends 2019

Fitness Fusion 2019

Unbelievable, Unrestricted, Unusual that is how the fitness industry felt in 2018. A Tsunami of masses eager to shed those extra pounds and gain magnificent muscles, some dashing six pack abs. Fat to thin transformations has become every day see these days, with earning more than 7000 crores by the year-end, the expectations from the graphs are only to show an upward trend. With people's increasing vigor to become fit, the definition of "fit" is also skimming. 
Some FITNESS TRENDS which will further revolutionize the fitness industry attracting more members and generating enhanced revenues are discussed below, so all those ambitious businessmen out there pull up your socks wear your skeptical business glasses, here we go:


Once upon a time came fusion of attire then came fusion in music and food, but now with approaching 2019, a new coalition will be introduced a FUSION OF EXERCISES. Okay, I know you are aware what HIIT is, right it is High-Intensity Interval Training. What about Yoga, obviously you know about yoga too. Now imagine a HYBRID of YOGA and HIIT, you think I'm going insane, think again, the most expected fitness trend which is approaching as fast as 2019 is, an infusion of the fitness trend which requires the maximum patience (yoga) with a trend which challenges your athletic quotient. Profound benefits are the results of a mocktail of asana with HIIT. This mixture enhances your stability and balance and adds a dimension with core strength and stamina. This method combines the cardiovascular, strength-training, and energetic benefits of HIIT with the flexibility and de-stressing benefits of asana. The end results being a stronger you.



Fitness is the new venue where business meets opportunities. After experiencing an uplift in people's fever of fitness there has come a point where for further expansion a new strategy is needed, that is exactly where TECHNOLOGY came in the picture. Once upon a time came a trend of wearable technology i.e Fitbit launched in 2015 is now in the passing phase, there was an imperative need to bring in something new. 2019 is all set to launch Fitness Industry personalized applications for all those techno savvy's who can't function without a mobile screen in their hands. Following an "IN SIGHT, IN MIND" philosophy 13DesignStreet has come up with an Easy Mobile Application with features like attendance records, body measurements, membership schemes, and push notification feature which alerts clients on every update made. An end to end tool which keeps your Fitness Business in the minds of your FitFam 24*7.



Are you an entrepreneur juggling 50 things together? But fitness is one among them which you are letting go! Or wait are you going for a 9 to 6 job where plans for your 60 minutes gym class goes in the puddle every time you plan a short social interaction. Shorter, time-effective workout plans are another drift which is foreseen in 2019. Studies have proved, replacing the regular one-hour classes with collaborative workout strategies is far more engaging for the customers which will come planned in a package of 30-minute schedule.

These were some sure shot trend variations which will bring a cyclonic change in the fitness industry.


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