Avoid these 4 mistakes when you start your own gym

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Step Guide to starting your own gym/fitness studio

Entrepreneurship looks easy from afar, but reality hits when you finally decide to jump in this puddle. From dumping your ongoing professional career to converting your passion into profession every step involves dealing with the unknown. We at 13DesignStreet are your guide right from the time you decide to venture into the fitness industry. From equipment vendors to promotions, offline and online strategies we are there to help you at every step. 

From our experience in the business, we have shortlisted these 5 most common mistakes which new fitness entrepreneurs make:



Starting a Fitness club requires a lot of investment, and if you are a fitness enthusiast it is your dream project. When you have put in so much hard work and efforts then why will the clients not turn up? Obviously, you have this out of the box style of a project it will be surely appreciated.
But what actually happens is, without advertising people don't turn up. For them, you are just another fitness force studio opening. 
The solution to this problem is pre-promotion, before the inaugural day you should:-

> Awareness: Aware people of your business, give them some discounts, offers, to attract them and make a client base even before you actually open.

> Offline and online marketing: Bring your business in the limelight before it actually starts by doing rigorous offline and online promotions. From handing out fliers to marking presence via social networking websites. People should know about your Big Bang entry in the business prior to your actual entry.

When the ultimate objective is to gain more and more clients this technique can prove to be of great help. 



Phone bills, electricity bills, salaries, BILLS, BILLS, BILLS that is how the life of a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur is for at least 6 months of business initiation. Lower profits with the extreme pressure of bills is a time when the confidence of most is thrown out of the window. 
Not losing confidence and keeping your force and passion for fitness intact, this is the time where you work hard for your gym to be an ultimate success. Put on your big boy shoes and gear up to make your fitness dream come true! 



Initially hiring a large number of employees to manage all your administrative work might prove to be quite expensive, in such a situation it is common to get forgetful. Forgetting the dates of renewals or client follow-ups prove to be a sword in the back of your revenues. 
Automation for such tedious but critical tasks is the need of the hour. 
> Keeping a close eye on the potential clients and having constant contact with them, will not only increase your Fitness Boutique's market value but also improve the conversion ratio.
> Understanding the importance of calling the client more than once, asking him to join and asking for a reason for not joining your gym will help you realize the drawbacks in the running and thus improve them.
> Entertaining clients after their membership has expired is a clear display of lack of professionalism. Thus keeping an automated record of the dates of renewals and having a system which restricts clients entry after the expiry of membership can prove to be beneficial.

Having said this, the past years are a clear justification of why there is a need for automated softwares to run the fitness gym with full force and without any administrative hustles.


New business is like fresh blood in the jungle. But there are cases with the intention to save an expense 20-30 dollars a month some entrepreneurs oversee the margin of profits they can earn. Today people have become techno-savvy and running without their oxygen ( in the form of gizmos) is an impractical assumption.  Considering the following expenses as an investment is necessary for business growth:

> A automated cloud-based fitness software to run a gym in full force.
> A dedicated and personalized application for your clients, letting you always be on their mind.
> A Software which helps you run multiple businesses.
> All-In-One fitness club and gym software which maintains all the records of attendance, expense, body measurements, diet charts just a click away for your analysis.

Vision and passion for work when mixed with the hefty servings of planning and technology is a straw for the young blood entrepreneurs drowning in the sea of stress. A Fitness Boutique and Gym Software which has an extension for all your business needs can let you rest assured in peace and give a forceful push to your business growth

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