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Group class billing

This video covers the spectra of group class packages and new group-class invoice for fresh clients.

Personal training billing

Become competent in creating personal training packages and invoices for new clients.

Expense management

In this video, you will learn how you add and manage daily expenses you make like machine maintenance, milk or electricity. In Easy Gym Software expenses can be later filtered also.


This video enumerates the various ways in which you can mark attendance and also the software prevents access of clients whose membership has expired.

Employee management

Easiest way to manage employee can be learnt in this elaborate video tutorial inclusive of how to create employee logins, manage their salaries and maximum % of discount they can grant on any new invoice.

Client management

Customizing diet plan and workout plan is simplified by drag and drop tool of easy gym software, also learn where and how to find specific client report for is timely growth analysis.

Inquiry management

Ensuring enquiry follow-up as always been the surest way to ensure continuous conversions. This video elaborates management and follow-up your enquiries.


Dashboard is your one-word answer for all key performance indicators; learn how your tailor-made software works in this video.

Clients list

View all your clients on one page, categorizing and filtering as and when required making your management accessible.

Trainer management

Easy Gym Software supplies the easiest means to manage the backbone of your business, the trainer. A trainer can access their own logins so as to upload client workout plan and body measurements. Save yourself from the hassle of managing their salaries and personal training commission.

Gym membership billing

You can make infinite membership packages, learn how.

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